Advanced stages of breast cancer are frequently complicated by bone metastases, which cause significant cancer-related bone destruction and mortality. However, the early precise theranostics of bone metastasis remains a formidable challenge in clinical practice. Herein,a novel all-in-one nanotheranostic system (ABI NYs) combining NIR-II FL/PA dual-modal imaging with photothermal-immunity therapeutic functionalities in one component was designed to precisely localize bone metastasis microscopic lesions and achieve complete tumor ablation at an early stage. The surface modification of the nanosystem with ibandronate (IBN) facilitates both passive and active targeting, significantly improving the detection rate of bone metastasis and suppressing the bone resorption. Superior photothermal performance produces sufficient heat to kill tumor cells while stimulating the upregulation of heat shock proteins 70 (HSP70), which triggers the immunogenic cell death (ICD) effect and the anti-tumor immune response. These all-in-one nanosystems precisely demonstrated early lesion localization in bone metastases and total tumor ablation with a single integration via “one-component, multi-functions” technique. To sum up, ABI NYs, as novel biomineralizing nanosystems integrated with anti-tumor and bone repair, present a synergistic therapy strategy, providing insight into the theranostics of bone metastases and clinical research.