Preclinical research

Two unique value propositions: whole body cross-sections in real time or 20 micron resolution

iThera Medical has been providing optoacoustic systems for whole-body small animal imaging since 2010. In 2016, the RSOM Explorer was introduced, as a unique high-resolution product offering.

MSOT inVision

The MSOT inVision is the only OAI system commercially available that can image the entire small animal cross-section, from head to tail. A fast-growing number of users worldwide have successfully explored the utility of the technology across a wide range of applications, predominantly in the fields of oncology and nanomedicine. More recently, the MSOT inVision’s capabilities have been expanded to include tomographic ultrasound imaging.

inVision Trio

The inVision TRIO is the world’s first imaging system that incorporates transmission ultrasound computed tomography (TUCT). TUCT provides an accurate image of speed of sound in tissue and its change with disease, e.g. in the context of cancer or fibrosis, thereby enlarging the field of biomedical applications addressable using iThera Medical’s optoacoustic imaging systems. 

RSOM Explorer P50

The RSOM Explorer is the only OAI system operating in the mesoscopic regime, i.e. reaching 2-3 mm depth with a resolution of down to 20 µm. So far, the system has mostly been used in clinical studies. Preclinical applications have so far focused on characterizing tumor vascularization. Using single-wavelength excitation in the visible range, even the smallest vessels and the change in vascularization in the context of angiogenesis or vascular disruption can be visualized and quantified.

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