Imaging device company iThera Medical announces the launch of its new inVision TRIO preclinical optoacoustic imaging system. The inVision TRIO is the first imaging system in the world that incorporates transmission ultrasound computed tomography (TUCT) and expands the field of biomedical applications addressable using iThera Medical’s optoacoustic imaging systems.

As the world leader in optoacoustic imaging, iThera Medical’s multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT) imaging systems are used for both preclinical and clinical research. Recently, iThera Medical’s MSOT Acuity Echo imaging system achieved CE mark as a medical device. MSOT is based on the conversion of light energy into sound waves, also known as the photoacoustic effect. Through hundreds of studies, MSOT users from world-leading research centers have already demonstrated its scientific and clinical value in numerous application areas.

The new inVision TRIO offers tremendous flexibility for imaging disease processes. The key innovation is the addition of TUCT, which provides an accurate image of the speed of sound in tissue and its change with disease, e.g., in the context of cancer or fibrosis. Through this new development, the inVision TRIO delivers complementary information from three modalities: MSOT, reflection-mode ultrasound CT, and transmission-mode ultrasound CT. Coupled with unique features like a seamless 660-1,300 nm wavelength range and calibrated signal quantification, the inVision TRIO will allow researchers to drive their applications into previously unexplored areas.

Christian Wiest, CEO of iThera Medical, describes the motivation to develop the inVision TRIO system: “With the MSOT inVision on the market since 2012 and our focus in the past years on clinical translation, we felt it was time to update our preclinical system. The original MSOT inVision was the world’s first tomographic optoacoustic imaging system. We are excited that the inVision TRIO will now follow in these footsteps as the world’s first tri-modality optoacoustic imaging system, incorporating TUCT as a breakthrough innovation.”

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Since its incorporation in 2010, iThera Medical develops and markets optoacoustic imaging systems for preclinical and clinical research. iThera Medical’s preclinical imaging systems have served as key tools for researchers worldwide. More recently, the company has started translating its technology for routine diagnostic clinical use across various types of diseases, including cancer, inflammatory, fibrotic, and cardiovascular diseases. Optoacoustic imaging utilizes the photoacoustic effect – the conversion of light energy into acoustic signals – to visualize and quantify optical contrast in deep tissue, at high spatial and temporal resolution. For details, see:

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