MSOT inVision

The world's first optoacoustic imaging system including transmission ultrasound

3 imaging modes in 1 system

The inVision is the world’s first imaging system that incorporates transmission ultrasound computed tomography (TUCT). TUCT provides an accurate image of speed of sound in tissue and its change with disease, e.g. in the context of cancer or fibrosis, thereby enlarging the field of biomedical applications addressable using iThera Medical’s optoacoustic imaging systems. 

It provides complementary information from three modalities: optoacoustic tomography, reflection-mode ultrasound CT and transmission-mode ultrasound CT.  Coupled with unique features like a seamless 660-1,300 nm wavelength range and calibrated signal quantification, the inVision users will allow researchers to drive their applications into areas previously not possible. 

‘Classic’ ultrasound / whole-body view / tomographic quality

Measures speed of sound / indicates tissue stiffness / unique new information

Represents absorbance / blood as main component / versatile contrast agents

Best-in-class image quality

The inVision features an increased angular coverage of 310°, with new ring illumination and detector, as well as state-of-the-art algorithms for tomographic image reconstruction, broadband signal detection and spectral analysis. Together with its high-energy 20 Hz pulsed laser system, the inVision provides best-in-class image quality and unrivaled sensitivity.

Automated whole-body image acquisition

The inVision is a powerful optoacoustic imaging system for small animal imaging. It acquires cross-sectional images, with high resolution, in vivo and in real time. It features stage-controlled translation, repeatable animal positioning and automated time points/intervals. The unique capability of inVision imaging systems is to visualize and quantify optoacoustic contrast throughout the whole animal, from head to tail, without any manual intervention.

Handheld imaging for flexible use

Besides the in-chamber imaging of small animals, the inVision features options of handheld imaging (for larger animals or tissue samples), in real-time 2D and 3D mode.

Technical specification of detectors:

– 2D: 4MHz, 256 elements, >65% bandwidth

– 3D: 8MHz, 256 elements, >65% bandwidth

Handheld imaging for flexible use

The inVision can be used to explore a wide range of applications, including neurological disorders, cancer, fibrosis, ischemia/reperfusion, inflammation, metabolic disorders and organ dysfunction. For more details on the applications, see our Preclinical Research Applications pages.

Data post-processing: advanced methods for image reconstruction and data analysis

The MSOT inVision is controlled by viewMSOT, a software which covers the full imaging chain: from data acquisition to image reconstruction, spectral unmixing, visualization and quantification. Its comprehensive functionality enables users to analyze their data without the need for other software tools. viewMSOT also supports data export into a toolbox developed by iThera Medical, termed iLabs. This toolbox provides access to algorithms in beta development state and allows further advanced data analysis. 

Introduction to viewMSOT software

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