Optoacoustic imaging for disease monitoring

Dr. Hailong He (Helmholtz Center Munich), Dr. Sara di Giulio (Humanitas Research Hospital), and Dr. Dinish U. S (Skin Research Institute of Singapore) present their respective research on non-invasive optoacoustic imaging biomarkers with ultra-broadband raster-scan optoacoustic mesoscopy (RSOM) – an innovative imaging technology that offers advanced optical imaging of the skin with assessment of endothelial function.

Optoacoustic Imaging in Dermatology

Dr. Katja Haedicke from iThera Medical, Dr. Andrea Murray from University of Manchester, Dr. Dinish U.S and Dr. Amalina Binte Ebrahim Attia from A*STAR Singapore Bioimaging Consortium and Dr. Juan Aguirre from Technical University Munich.