Multimodal imaging provides complimentary information that is advantageous in studying both cellular and molecular mechanisms in vivo, which has tremendous potential in pre‐clinical research and clinical translational imaging. It is desirable to design probes for multimodal imaging that can be administered minimally but provides multifaceted information. Herein, we demonstrate the complementary dual functional ability of a nanoconstruct for molecular imaging in both photoacoustic (PA) and surface‐enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) biosensing simultaneously in tandem. To realize this, a group of NIR active organic molecules are designed and synthesized that possess both SERS and PA activity. Nanoconstructs realized by anchoring such molecules onto gold nanoparticles are demonstrated for targeting cancer biomarkers in vivo while providing complimentary information about biodistribution and targeting efficiency. In future, such nanoconstructs could play a major role in identifying surgical margins and also for disease monitoring in translational medicine.