Accurate location and efficient treatment of diseases by multifunctional nanoplatforms are appealing but face great challenges. Theranostic agents through the physical combination of different functional nanoparticles are demonstrated to be effective. Yet, the complicated biological environment often leads to ambiguous fates of each agent, which fails to keep the behaviors of imaging and therapeutic components in a simultaneous manner. Herein, “integrated” theranostic NPs, Gd-doped CuWO4 (CWG) with strong near-infrared (808 nm) absorption, the longest absorption peak of reported CuWO4 , located in the biological transparent window, are constructed. The single doping of trace amount of Gd not only endows them with a distinguished magnetic resonance imaging capability (r1 = 12.01 mM-1 s-1 ), but also concurrently imposes great effect on the valence states of matrix ion (Cu), as evidenced by theoretical calculation results. The charge distribution shift of Cu would facilitate ·OH generation, beneficial for chemodynamic therapy (CDT). Moreover, CWG NPs display remarkable photoacoustic (PA) and computed tomography (CT) imaging capabilities (S = 10.33 HU mM-1 ). Such integrated theranostics afford a paradigm for multimodal imaging-guided synergistic therapy with all-in-one single nanoparticle.