Orthotopic advanced hepatic tumor resection without precise location and preoperative downstaging may cause clinical postoperative recurrence and metastasis. Early accurate monitoring and tumor size reduction based on the multifunctional diagnostic-therapeutic integration platform could improve real-time imaging-guided resection efficacy. Here, a Near-Infrared II/Photoacoustic Imaging/Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NIR-II/PAI/MRI) organic nanoplatform IRFEP-FA-DOTA-Gd (IFDG) is developed for integrated diagnosis and treatment of orthotopic hepatic tumor. The IFDG is designed rationally based on the core “S-D-A-D-S” NIR-II probe IRFEP modified with folic acid (FA) for active tumor targeting and Gd-DOTA agent for MR imaging. The IFDG exhibits several advantages, including efficient tumor tissue accumulation, good tumor margin imaging effect, and excellent photothermal conversion effect. Therefore, the IFDG could realize accurate long-term monitoring and photothermal therapy non-invasively of the hepatic tumor to reduce its size. Next, the complete resection of the hepatic tumor in situ lesions could be realized by the intraoperative real-time NIR-II imaging guidance. Notably, the preoperative downstaging strategy is confirmed to lower the postoperative recurrence rate of the liver cancer patients under middle and advanced stage effectively with fewer side effects. Overall, the designed nanoplatform demonstrates great potential as a diagnostic-therapeutic integration platform for precise imaging-guided surgical navigation of orthotopic hepatic tumors with a low recurrence rate after surgery, providing a paradigm for diagnosing and treating the advanced tumors in the future clinical translation application.