Optoacoustic tomography has been established as a powerful modality for preclinical imaging. However, efficient whole-body imaging coverage has not been achieved owing to the arduous requirement for continuous acoustic coupling around the animal. In this work, we introduce panoramic (3600) head-to-tail 3D imaging of mice with spiral volumetric optoacoustic tomography (SVOT). The system combines multi-beam illumination and a dedicated head holder enabling uninterrupted acoustic coupling for whole-body scans. Image fidelity is optimized with self-gated respiratory motion rejection and dual speed-of-sound reconstruction algorithms to attain spatial resolution down to 90 µm. The developed system is thus highly suitable for visualizing rapid biodynamics across scales, such as hemodynamic changes in individual organs, responses to treatments and stimuli, perfusion, total body accumulation, or clearance of molecular agents and drugs with unmatched contrast, spatial and temporal resolution.