The damaged DNA strands caused by radiotherapy (RT) can repair by themselves. A gold nanoparticles (GNPs) system with acid-induced aggregation was developed into a dual sensitizer owing to its high radioactive rays attenuation ability and enhanced photothermal heating efficiency after GNPs aggregation to achieve a combination therapy of RT and photothermal therapy (PTT). In this combination therapy, the formed GNP aggregates firstly showed a higher sensitize enhancement ratio (SER) value (1.52). Importantly, the self-repair of damaged DNA strands was inhibited by mild PTT through down-regulating the expression of DNA repair protein, thus resulting in a much higher SER value (1.68). Anti-tumor studies further demonstrated that this combination therapy exhibited ideal anti-tumor efficacy. Furthermore, the imaging signals of GNPs in computed tomography and photoacoustic were significantly improved following the GNPs aggregation. Therefore, a dual sensitizer with multimodal imaging was successfully developed and can be further applied as a new anti-tumor therapy.