Theranostic agents based on inorganic nanomaterials are still suffered from the nonbiodegradable substances with long-term retention in body and unavoidable biological toxicity, as well as nonspecificity biodistribution with potential damage toward normal tissues. Here, we develop magnetic ions (FeIII, FeII, GdIII, MnII, and MnIII) coordinated nanoplatform (MICN) with framework structure and modify them with PEG (MICN-PEG). Notably, MICN-PEG demonstrates hydroxide ions (OH-) triggered the structure collapse along with responsive near-infrared photoacoustic (PA) signal, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and photothermal therapy (PTT) performances. Thereby, MICN-PEG is able to remain stable in tumors and exert excellent PA/MRI and PTT effects for multimodal imaging-guided cancer treatment. In contrast, MICN-PEG is gradually collapsed in normal tissues, resulting in the significant improvement of imaging accuracy and treatment specificity. MICN-PEG is gradually cleared after administration, minimizing concerns about the long-term toxicity.