Photoimmunotherapy can not only effectively ablate the primary tumor but also trigger strong antitumor immune responses against metastatic tumors by inducing immunogenic cell death. Herein, Cu2 MoS4 (CMS)/Au heterostructures are constructed by depositing plasmonic Au nanoparticles onto CMS nanosheets, which exhibit enhanced absorption in near-infrared (NIR) region due to the newly formed mid-gap state across the Fermi level based on the hybridization between Au 5d orbitals and S 3p orbitals, thus resulting in more excellent photothermal therapy and photodynamic therapy (PDT) effect than single CMS upon NIR laser irradiation. The CMS and CMS/Au can also serve as catalase to effectively relieve tumor hypoxia, which can enhance the therapeutic effect of O2 -dependent PDT. Notably, the NIR laser-irradiated CMS/Au can elicit strong immune responses via promoting dendritic cells maturation, cytokine secretion, and activating antitumor effector T-cell responses for both primary and metastatic tumors eradication. Moreover, CMS/Au exhibits outstanding photoacoustic and computed tomography imaging performance owing to its excellent photothermal conversion and X-ray attenuation ability. Overall, the work provides an imaging-guided and phototherapy-induced immunotherapy based on constructing CMS/Au heterostructures for effectively tumor ablation and cancer metastasis inhibition.