Tumor tissue imaging and drug release imaging are both crucial for tumor imaging and image-guided drug delivery. It is urgent to develop a multileveled tumor imaging platform to realize the multiple imaging applications. In this work, we synthesized an albumin-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) probe Cy5/7@HSA NPs containing two near-infrared cyanine dyes (CyBI5 and CyBI7) with high FRET efficiency (97 %). Excellent brightness and efficient FRET inside Cy5/7@HSA NPs enabled high-sensitive cell imaging and tumor imaging. This unique nanoprobe imaged 4T1 tumor-bearing mice with high sensitivity (TBR = 5.2) at 24 h post-injection and the dyes penetrated the tumor interior around 4 h post-injection. The release of dyes from nanoprobes was also tracked. This result shows the strong potential of this albumin-based FRET nanoprobe as multileveled tumor imaging platform for in vivo tumor imaging, drug delivery and image-guided surgery.