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Liver Injury and Tumor Metastasis Imaging with MSOT

March 19, 2019
Prof Dr Shuizhu Wu, State Key Laboratory of Luminescent Materials & Devices, College of Materials Science & Engineering, South China University of Technology

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The development of accurate, non-invasive, fast-binding imaging contrast agents tailored to a specific pathological biomarker will deliver to the researcher & clinician tools to gauge the severity and progression of disease. By targeting specific enzymatic pathways through the use of activatable probes, it is possible to increase sensitivity and specificity of detection which, when combined with an imaging technology such as Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT), can give great insights into areas such as organ toxicity and cancer. This webinar demonstrates how the optoacoustic effect can be used for imaging orthotopic tumors and for tumor biology investigation using activatable probes in combination with MSOT.

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