MSOT Acuity Echo

An optoacoustic imaging platform for
clinical research

MSOT - the next generation in medical imaging

The CE-marked MSOT Acuity Echo combines the molecular specificity of optical imaging with the depth and spatiotemporal resolution of ultrasound. This versatile imaging system captures soft tissue images in vivo and in real-time, with a spatial resolution down to 400 µm. Additionally, the MSOT Acuity Echo features a tomographic handheld detector to facilitate maneuverability during imaging.

Real-time visualization of optical tissue contrast

MSOT provides information of tissue characteristics and disease biomarkers based on unique light-absorbing characteristics of endogenous biomolecules. The technology offers numerous advantages over other established imaging methods, including non-invasiveness, high sensitivity and specificity, and the ability to image deep tissue at high resolution. Through these features, MSOT has shown the potential to improve medical care and clinical decision-making in the future.


Handheld detector

The MSOT Acuity Echo features an arc-shaped 2D detector with 4 MHz center frequency. This detector has a 125° angular coverage and can visualize optical contrast in a cross-sectional view.

System configurations:

660-1300 nm, 25 Hz

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Optoacoustic imaging covering a wide scope of clinical research applications

The MSOT Acuity Echo enables researchers to perform a wide variety of clinical studies. View our clinical research applications to learn more about the potential for use in your field of study.

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